Guide for Basic and Fancy Knots
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Tying a Single Crown Fancy Knot

Tying a Single Crown Fancy Knot

Hold the rope in your left hand and fold one strand (A) over and away from you. Then fold the next strand (B) over A, and then, while holding these in place with thumb and finger, pass strand C over strand B, and through the bight of A. Now pull all ends tight and work the bights up smooth and snug; cut off ends and the knot is complete.

single crown fancy knot

Tying a Single Crown Fancy Knot

This single crown is a very poor knot to stand by itself, however, and is mainly valuable as a basis for other more complicated knots and for dressing up the end of rope.

To end up a rope with a crown it is only necessary to leave the projecting ends long and then by bringing them down tuck under the strands of the standing part.

single crown fancy knot tucked

Single Crown Strands Tucked

Then halve the strands and tuck again, as in making a short splice, until the result appears as in the figure below. This makes a neat, handy, and ship-shape finish to a rope’s end and is very useful for painters, halyards, etc. It will never work loose like a seizing and is quickly put on at any time, whereas to make a seizing one must be provided with small stuff of some sort, and this is frequently not at hand.

single crown tucked complete

Completed Single Crown Fancy Knot

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