Guide for Basic and Fancy Knots

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Manrope Knot

Making Decorative Double Wall and Crown Knots

The Double Wall and Crown Knot, or Manrope Knot, is the foundation of the most beautiful of rope-end knots.

double wall crowned knot

The Double Wall Crown Knot

Start with a single wall knot and crown it, but leave the strands all slack; then pass the ends up and through the bights of the slack single wall knot and then push them alongside the strands in the single crown; pushing them through the same bight in the crown and downward through the walling.

This may seem quite difficult, but if you have learned the wall and crown you will find the Double Wall and Crown Knot simple enough, for it is really merely “following” the strands of the single wall knot and crown knot. The result, if properly done, and ends drawn tight and cut off closely, is surprising, and to the uninitiated most perplexing, for if the ends are tapered and tucked through the standing part of the ropes, there will be no sign of a beginning or ending to this knot.

Double Wall and Crown Knot

Finished Double Wall and Crown Knot

This is probably the most useful of decorative knots and is largely used aboard ship for finishing the ends of rope railings, the ends of man-ropes, for the ends of yoke-lines and to form “stoppers” or “toggles” to bucket handles, slings, lanyards, etc.